This portion of my website lets me talk about my instruments. Mainly guitars, but as you might expect by now…. not as you know them!

all photos on this page by Brand Berghouwer

Charlee Livingston

‘…it gives me freedom, I can access the notes in between the cracks, it is good for real improvisation and it sounds great…’ are just a few of my answers to the question how I came into the world of fretless guitar. I didn’t know much about tuning theories or temperaments, I only learned about the 12 tone equal temperament. Not why and how, only that. Experimenting with flexible intonation was the first step in opening up my ears. But there was one thing I missed: harmony! That opened the door to the development of other instruments.

Lucid Movinguitar

Shaking of my frets was an act of personal liberation in pursuit of improvisational freedom. However, I took the inevitable study of a couple of thousand years of tuning history for granted. When I was asked to make a wish list for a ‘real’ microtonal guitar, I came up with the idea of a 41-tone equally tempered guitar.

Hohner 31-et conversion

Only after the decision of a 41-tone guitar, I got involved in the Dutch Huygens-Fokker Foundation and soon I got the opportunity to play a concert in the Fokker organ series in September 2014. I spend the next couple of years working in the 31-tone system and I had several compatible instruments made. This is a conversion where I had a new fingerboard installed to an existing instrument.

Epiphone 31-et conversion

This one is for making life a little easier, especially when I sing!

Fender Strat with interchangeable necks by Lucid

At one point, I was in need of a 12-note subset of the 31-tone system to level the playing field with keyboard players on (historic) keyboard instruments (see the middle neck). Swapping necks including restringing and retuning takes less than 15 minutes, easy job! The other necks are Bohlen-Pierce (also by Lucid) and the original Fender.