MICRO|IMPRO – concert announcement

MICRO|IMPROThe next Fokker organ concert is a special one… no organ player is scheduled to pay, but two guitarists are instead. Bram Stadhouders and I take turns in triggering the organ in our own distinctive ways. Bram has an extended MIDI-rig which he has used to trigger all sorts of instruments in the past, including organs in the Orgelpark, the Logos Robot Orchestra and the Big Barrel Organ. This will be a unique chance to hear his style on another one-of-a-kind-instrument, the microtonal Fokker organ!

I have played the Fokker-organ before with my guitars: in ‘quatre mains’ together with Guus Janssen at our concert MicroBlues in 2014 and solo at the concert ‘Pimp my Organ 4Ever!’ in 2016. Another special project was my composition ‘de Stuiter-variaties’ (‘the Bouncing-variations’), an interactive theatrical piece for two Wii-controllers based on the theory and chord progressions of A.D. Fokker himself. His writings continue to be an inspiration for me. My new piece ‘No Strings Attached’ is based on his idea of addition chords. An addition chord (Dutch: ‘optelakkoord’) is a chord in which a ratio number is the sum of the next two lower ratio numbers. The most well known sequence is of course the Fibonacci series:

MIDI-guitar setup. As you can see, no strings attached!


Musically, the 1 is the root, the 2 is the octave, the 3 is the fifth (plus 1 octave), the 5 is the third (plus 2 octaves), the 8 is another octave and the 13 is a lowered sixth above. This last note is definitely outside of 12-equal borders and that is where the magic begins… There are many other interesting sounding sequences to be found. And besides harmonic versions there are also subharmonic versions available with their own character. In ‘No Strings Attached’ I will present many of these sounds in an adventurous and improvisational piece.

Also on the program are a new version of the Meantone Blues (with lyrics this time!), a 20 minute set from Bram as well as a joint improvisation with him on the Fokker organ and myself on 31-tone guitar. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear something new!

Zondag 26 november 2017, 11 uur in de Kleine Zaal van het Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ

More info: http://www.huygens-fokker.org/activiteiten/concerten/26november2017.html